The artificial lake of Oreokastro

In the east of the city Oreokastro, so close to the city of Thessaloniki, a barely known beauty is located, the artificial lake of Oreokastro! Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

The snow-covered mountain Olymp

On a beautiful spring day we admire the snow-covered mountain Olymp from a beach at Epanomi Thessalonikis. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

The day that it snowed in Thessaloniki

One of the olive trees that embellished the Pier A’ of the port on the day that it snowed in Thessaloniki / Greece, 11.01.2017. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

At last, it has also snowed in Thessaloniki!

At last, it has also snowed in Thessaloniki / Greece. Our picture is taken from the district Kalithea, the municipality of Neapoli-Sykies. In the background on the left you can see a part of the western city wall. Photo © … Read More

Flamingos in the Thermaic Gulf

The great temperature drop and the freezing of the lagoon of Kalochori forced the flamingos, like other bird species, to look for their food in the Thermaic Gulf, Thessaloniki, Greece. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

The lagoon of Kalochori is frozen

The weather conditions in the recent days, with temperatures well below 0 degrees Celsius also in the coastal areas of the country, have frozen the water of the lagoon in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, Greece. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

Jehudi Hamam

Night view of Jehudi Hamam, a building from the Othomanian period, which has gotten its name (Jahudi: Jewish) because it is located in a neighborhood with Jewish businesses. It was probably built in the late 15th or early 16th century. … Read More

Jogger at the Thermaic Gulf

Jogger at the Thermaic Gulf, in marshland of Epanomi. Mount Olympus in the backround. December 2016, Epanomi / Greece. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

Summer is over

… also at Potamos Epanomis (Greece), a beach that has become more commonly known among the citizens of Thessaloniki and that is located only 40 km from the city in the direction of Chalkidiki. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

Now is the time

The lagoon of Kalochori is full of water again and with it came the flamingos. If you want to see them, now is the time! Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

The “next” day

The summer is ending and with it the musical activties of the 2016 summer concerts in Fragma Thermis in Thessaloniki / Greece. The stories and sounds of the final concert are still resonating days later. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

Dance of the cat

Of course it was an accidental encounter for all three in Fragma Thermis, Thessaloniki / Greece. I was the third. The cat and the snake have already met. I doubt that they were happy, especially the snake. I was probably the … Read More

Ships in the Thermaic Gulf

Promenade in Thessaloniki / Greece: “Still Life” with merchant ships, which are anchored in the Thermaic Gulf. Photo © Aris Papadopoulos

The Thermaic Gulf and Mount Olympus

It was one of those days where the warm colors prevailed in the evening light. Everything became red, yellow, and orange. The sky, the clouds, the Thermaic Gulf. Even the mythical mountain, the Olympus. It must have always been this … Read More