The lagoon of Kalochori is located on the west coast of the Thermaic Gulf and is only eight kilometers away from the city center of Thessaloniki / Greece. It is a relatively “new” wetland that has emerged in various phases since the mid-60s.

Kalochori (Καλοχώριον) is part of the Delta community of the regional district Thessaloniki and is built east of the Gallikos (Greek Γαλλικός, ancient Greek Echeidōros Ἐχείδωρος or Echedoros Ἐχέδωρος) river. In the north, the town borders the industrial area Kalochori.

Although the lagoon is so closely located to a large metropolitan area, such as the city of Thessaloniki and is so close to an industrial area, it has a great importance for the Axios Delta National Park to which it also belongs.

A large number of different bird species live there all year long, because they find plenty of food. Among those, flamingos (Phoenicopteridae) are the ones that stand out!