Peri* Thessalonikis” is a website about the city of Thessaloniki / Greece and its extended region.

We wish that our camera lens, which is our constant companion when we stroll through the city, enables a kind of rapprochement and dialogue with Thessaloniki and its surroundings.

Our goal is to discover the city and share its pictures with those who are already interested and with those whose interest we are yet to spark. We want to travel with the viewer to familiar and at the same unknown places, beautiful places and everyday places. We want to write photographic stories with pictures that are shaped and formed by our encounters and vision.


Aris Papadopoulos, born in 1958 in Thessaloniki / Greece, is the photographer and founder of

He studied photography at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld in Germany. Since 1990, the year of great historic upheavals, he worked for more than two decades as a photojournalist for various magazines and newspapers, such as DER SPIEGEL, FOCUS, STERN, Financial Times Deutschland, Süddeutsche Zeitung in Berlin.
Since 2006 he has expanded his area of focus by photographing opera, classical ballet, modern dance and theater.

Examples of his work can be seen on

With the website Aris Papadopoulos photographically returns back to his birthplace.

He lives and works in Thessaloniki and Berlin.



Pronunciation: /ˈpɛri/
1Round; about: pericardium peristyle
From Greek peri ‘about, around’.